The Packs: Early Years and 5 plus

Both packs contains 2 CDs with over 30 original audio tracks proven time and again to engage and motivate reticent children. Please see side bar for samples (bottom of page on mobiles)

Jelly Fish Jiggle

Tropical Island 

There are six modules and accompanying "how to" sheets presented in the folder. The modules are printed on laminated card in large print so they can be used as cue cards by staff in a live busy session.

Graphics are from Can Do Music-5 plus


The Methodology-Eary Years example

Can Do Music-Early Years has six progressive modules each based on a thoroughly tried and tested 5 activity sequence. Each activity is driven by a set of purpose composed songs. 

1. Greeting. 

Creating a sense of self and others starts here. The context in which children hear their names and the tone of voice they experience impacts directly on their confidence. Our Hello songs are inherently inclusive supporting positive interaction between peers and adults using repetition of key words and phrases to develop speech and language. 

2. Co-ordination. 

Our co-ordination songs are rhythmically and stylistically diverse. They support the development of co-ordination and enable children to begin to internalise pulse and explore expressive movement. 

3. Choosing and turn-taking. 

CDM may be the first time children have been asked to wait and take turns. Early modules encourage peers to listen and wait while each child takes their turn. Later modules introduce activities where children have to work as part of a group, accepting and following rules. Instrumental sections in our choosing songs have time built in for things to happen and for children to make independent choices without being rushed. 

4. Solo Spot. 

Children in our target group will lack confidence in exploring and expressing themselves. “Solo spot” addresses this directly through a series of progressive activities; In Module 1 passing along an instrument, by Module 6 playing in the solo spot.
Solo spot gives a child permission to do things their way and to influence how the group responds. This is a highly effective means of accelerating confidence acquisition. 

5. Goodbye. 

The ideal time to reinforce positive interaction, sing names smile and enjoy. 

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