Salford 2016-17 case study

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Our partnership with the Early Years and Foundation Stage department at Salford Education and the National Foundation for Youth Music has now ended. We are delighted to announce that it has been a major success by any measure. You can see the facts and figures measuring impact at public report.

With our £23,000 grant we have achieved a major increase in the amount of quality music making taking place in Salford nurseries. 

Headline achievements are:

  • 740 sessions delivered
  • Over 1,000 children now having weekly access.
  • 120 staff from 55 settings trained, equipped and enthused.

The videos below shows just how well children, concentrate, participate and express themselves in CDM sessions. We are endebted to St Josephs Primary and Ms R Woolman for allowing us to share this example of excellent practice. The project began with a small focus group of children who were struggling to thrive in a large group. Just one big group now.

You can gain a terrific insight in real time in to a colleagues mind as the project developed by downloading (warning-it takes a couple of minutes) the project diary written by the staff at Primrose Hill Nursery

No 1. Hello

2.What Shall We See

3.Messing Around



5.Boogie Woogie

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