An intervention programme for 
children aged 3-5 who need support 
in their communication and 
behavioural development

About the programme

The Can Do Music pack is a physical resource of 30 original songs on CD and six easy to follow half-term module plans.
The combination of specifically written songs and experience based methodology guarantee interesting sessions for children and staff alike.
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Why use Can Do Music?

Working weekly in small discrete groups you can expect to see children develop their; 
Communication and language through specially devised songs proven to encourage speech, interaction and listening. 
"There has been a dramatic improvement in communication and language, confidence and social skills" Ms M Parker, Nursery Nurse. 

Co-ordination, gross and fine motor control as they express themselves through movement and dance. 
"she has SEND and issues with fine motor control. During her time in CDM sessions her dexterity and confidence improved to such an extent that she became a leader" Primrose Hill Primary School, Salford. 

Social and emotional sense through turn-taking and waiting. 
"Listening and concentration are noticeably improved in the whole group. At first they struggled to sit and concentrate. Now they sit well. As soon as the CDM box comes out they prepare themselves and know where and how to sit" 
MS J Dickson TA 

Confidence as they are presented with opportunities to choose independently and explore in "risk free" solo work. 
"all the anxieties he suffered have all but disappeared. He has developed a love for the instruments-the louder the better." T Dawson, Teacher 

Train to use the programme

Our training is suitable for all EYFS staff including teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. Courses are typically one day, 9:30am-3:30pm. To arrange a session at your school or setting please ring 0775 333 0686 for a no obligation chat. To book onto a course please see events diary. 

Delegates will:
  • Receive a full Can Do Music resource pack.
  • Learn songs and song based activities proven to support small and discrete group work.
  • Acquire the skills to plan, resource and deliver modules of work in an interactive, practical and fun way.
  • Discover how their own strengths and enthusiasms may come to the fore and develop long-term.
  • Gain insights into the holistic social and emotional benefits of music in EYFS learning.
  • Gain the confidence to explore and experiment with the resources.

Susan Mann, training director

Susan Mann is an executive director of Music Unlimited the North West's leading specialist provider to SEND schools. She has responsibility for managing the company's CPD programme and delivery team.

Susan has a 35 year track record of success in delivering music in primary, secondary and SEND settings. She designed  Can Do Music and has tested every aspect of it in a real classroom situation.

She also devised and produced the SEND scheme of work "Anyone Can Play". This scheme is currently under licence to Charanga and was voted, Best SEND resource-Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2017.

    07753  330686
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