"Amazing, loved delivering it, spending time with children and seeing how music can enhance their development. I think all nurseries should do it. There has been a dramatic improvement in communication and language, confidence and social skills”          M Parker, Nursery Nurse

Can Do Music is a discrete, small group, intervention programme for young children  who need support in their communication, language and behavioural development It uses singing and song inspired activity to develop skills in speech and language, listening, waiting, turn taking and interaction. 

We all know that music is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage children. At the same time we recognise that you may feel very unsure about delivering music if you are not an accomplished player or singer. Can Do Music is for you.

Teacher or teaching assistant we can train and support you to deliver singing and song inspired activity independently; no musical knowledge or skill is required. 

You will see speech and language, listening, waiting, turn taking and interaction skills developing in your children and everyone, including you, will have loads of fun.

There are two strands to the programme; Can Do Music- Early Years and Can Do Music- 5 plus. 

Each strand has its own, song driven, resource pack. Whichever age group you are involved with you can rely on the songs to have an impact on;

Communication and Language

• Singing with repetition of phrases to encourage speech and language

• Identifying and naming peers

• Listening to others

Physical Development

• Expressing themselves through movement 

• Developing gross and fine motor skills 

 Social and Emotional Development
• Turn taking and waiting

• Interacting with peers and adults


• Opportunities to choose independently 

• Exploring in “risk free” solo work 

Please see Proven Impact for examples

If you want to talk to a head teacher who has invested in Can Do Music since 2010 please contact Debbie Hopwood, Head at Moorgate School Bolton. hopwoodd@moorgate.bolton.sch.uk  

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